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Navy Veterans Car Insurance

11 Jul, 2023

Soldiers who serve the United States have done much to help others live every day in freedom and deserve to see rewards in their everyday lives. Car insurance companies understand this, and they also understand statistics. These are the two reasons that military members are offered lower rates and discounts on car insurance from companies. People who have been in or are currently enlisted in the Navy can qualify for discounts on car insurance. Just like with civilians, a good driving record helps out with lowering rates even more. When these types of standard discounts are combined with military discounts, the savings can be fantastic. Use the tools on this site to get the best car insurance prices available as an active duty member or veteran of the Navy.

What Is Navy Veterans Car Insurance?

Navy Veterans Car Insurance provides a good balance to Navy service members between the price and amount of coverage. Each state may have a unique requirement for minimum insurance amounts, and many people look to get more coverage than the minimum. It is possible to get savings and discounts regardless of which of these you choose. The requirements in cold Michigan may be different from those in warmer Florida, but take into consideration the age of your vehicle, the number of miles you are driving, and other information about your situation when choosing coverage amounts and insurance carriers. Civilians and veterans alike, living anywhere, can make the mistake of settling for a lesser amount of insurance coverage in order to save money. Also, a financed car has standards and guidelines for policies by lenders, who require collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to the minimum limits required for insurance by each state.

Things To Avoid That Can Increase Your Rate

Anyone who allows their insurance to lapse for 30 days or more will see increased insurance rates. Keeping up with payments is the best way to avoid this. Higher premiums will eat into any daily or recreational budget you have. In addition, anyone retired or on active duty still needs a good driving record to take advantage of the best rates. Accidents that are your fault, and other risky behavior, can increase car insurance premiums. 

Many other variables need to be considered as well, especially if one is buying a new vehicle. Financed cars are more expensive, including sports cars like Corvettes and a convertible like a Mustang. Do your research when changing from one car to the next, so your rates don’t increase more than you want to pay or can afford.

Large monthly payments on a car do not mean you automatically avoid large monthly premiums on insurance. It is smarter to find out insurance premiums before obtaining a new car. Cars without safety features have higher insurance rates on average. Even cars with anti-theft systems or anti-lock brakes added later have lower rates than those without any. The safety features that protect drivers and vehicles affect coverage.

A ticket can be removed from a driving record with classes at a traffic school, which can lower rates. The classes do cost money, but not more than the amount that the insurance would be raised with the ticket on record. Also, look at your rates and compare insurance premiums from other companies every few years. Your current company may raise your rates, but other companies may be charging a lot less at that point in time. Using the tools here on this site, you can compare car insurance plans and prices and find the top car insurance rates available for you.

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