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Car Insurance for Disabled Vets

23 Aug, 2022

Sometimes during military service, veterans are granted service-connected disability. Service-disabled military members can apply for $10,000 in life insurance coverage from the VA if they are in good health outside of their disability. Numerous different insurance plans are available to disabled veterans. This includes a range of automobile insurance policies. Disabled vets can often find automobile insurance at a discounted price for having served in the military. 

Insurance As A Disabled Veteran

As a disabled vet, keep in mind that many larger car insurance companies have programs for military members who are either active-duty personnel or veterans. As a disabled veteran, you can take advantage of these auto insurance discounts and benefits. Also, there are private auto insurance companies like the USAA, who only sell car insurance plans to people who qualify to be members. USAA only provides auto insurance services to people who are active or retired military personnel and their families.

Military Personnel Discounts

It is a smart plan to research the insurance companies you are interested in first, and look at the prices for car insurance second. Compare customer service and financial strength of the companies you are considering, as well as what they offer to you as an active-duty personnel or a veteran. Also, keep in mind that some of the most substantial discounts available come from bundling policies. Some insurance companies allow people to combine home insurance, renters insurance, or life insurance, with an auto insurance policy for greater savings.

Outside of that, many companies offer a discount of between 5% and 15% on auto insurance from veterans. It is important to note that many companies do put people in a lower risk category if they are a military member. Auto insurance companies rely heavily on statistics to determine rates, and veteran drivers are statistically less risky for them to insure in most cases.

This means that it is crucial to not only compare the discounts, but also the benefits you receive and the initial starting price of the policy. Use the tools on this website to save more money on auto insurance for veterans.

Best Auto Insurance Companies For Disabled Veterans

There are a number of different car insurance providers who offer discounts, including most of the major insurance carriers. Outside of that, however, there are other ways for people to get fantastic rates as disabled veterans. Look into getting insurance from the VFW, who uses 21st Century Insurance for their plans. They can have some excellent prices for military members.

Also, USAA is well known as an insurance provider that has some of the lowest rates and highest customer service in the country. USAA insurance policies are only available for active military members and veterans, as well as the families of both. USAA also gives additional discounts for people who put their cars in storage while they are deployed overseas and for people whose vehicles are parked on a military base.

With a wide range of options available, you can get a significant discount on car insurance plans. Using the car insurance comparison tool on this website, you can get free quotes on auto insurance plans from multiple companies. Compare discounts and rates, as well as the best car insurance companies, and find car insurance policies that are the best for you.

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